Services                                                                                Hours 8 am to 1:30 pm

 *Please have all personal items picked up and put away where chemicals won't touch them. Especially in restrooms where there may be mouth pieces and toothbrushes.

General Cleaning To-Do $30/hr
• Vacuum all carpet
• Wash all floors
• Height dust your home for cobwebs
• Clean fronts, top and sides of televisions
• Clean tops of all glass furniture
• Dust all furniture
• Dust picture frames & knick-knacks on shelves
• Empty Trash: bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms
• Clean tubs and tub walls
• Clean showers and shower walls
• Clean and shine faucets
• Clean inside and outside of toilets
• Clean bathroom sink and counters
• Clean soap dishes, toothbrush holders
• Clean vanity and perfume trays
• Clean kitchen counters
• Spot clean outside of kitchen cabinets
• Clean top and front of stove
• Clean outside of microwave
• Wipe down outside of refrigerator 
• Clean outside of appliances  

Special Requests $30/hr
• Wash baseboards and interior doors
• Vacuuming of all furniture
• Laundry / Change Bed Linens
• Washing walls/Windows
• Wash Dishes
• Cleaning the inside of oven
• Dusting blinds

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